Russian activist Titarenko was summoned for interrogation due to a critical post on the social network about neo-Nazi and war criminal Milchakov

Sergey Titarenko in court

Russian activist Sergei Titarenko was summoned to the Center for Countering Extremism. He was accused of distributing Nazi symbols – on his page on the VKontakte network he posted photos of neo-Nazi Alexei Milchakov with the Nazi flag, accompanied by critical comment.

According to Censor.NET, Titarenko himself believes that a criminal case under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation should be instituted against Milchakov, who fought in the ranks of Russian militants in the Donbass.

We give a short interview with Titarenko of Open Russia.

“What does Center E suspect you of?”

  • My lawyer recommended that I not go to the E Center, but to meet with them somewhere on neutral territory. So we did.

Mr. operative officer Dmitry Olegovich Manyakin had previously called Alexei Mandrigel with a WhatsApp subpoena. He called me about my allegedly illegal activities. To the questions “what kind of appeal?” and “who can acquaint me with him?” he replied that this was classified information.

But he showed me a printout of the scan from my page. He has over 50-70 scans in his folder. We found photos where the swastika is partially depicted. I pointed out that the purpose of this picture is to condemn the swastika.
Russian activist Titarenko was summoned for interrogation due to a critical post on the social network about neo-Nazi and war criminal Milchakov. A PHOTO

Alexey Milchakov (second from right). Photo: Vkontakte

In addition, he still charged me with the fact that I have published on my page a photo of the “hero of Novorossia” Alexei Milchakov with a Nazi flag. He is a fan of Zenith and does not hide his Nazi beliefs. And they accuse me of publicly demonstrating Nazi symbols.

Mr. operative authorized me to this stated that they see an administrative offense here. On my page you can see the protocol of this interrogation. Maybe I was mistaken that my page also has images of Putin?

They also regarded this as a demonstration of Nazi symbolism. I do not consider criticizing state power a criminal offense; this violates article 19 on freedom of opinion of the “Convention on Human Rights”. In addition, they were in my apartment in my absence. Although he denies this, but I know what they were.

  • In your opinion, is it justified to initiate criminal or administrative cases for publishing on social networks?

  • I have already served six months in the FSB pre-trial detention center. The European Court has accepted my case. It is also instituted under article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation due to publication on a social network.

  • Is it worth it to apply measures for expression of opinion on social networks?

  • In our country, any criticism of the existing government is regarded as a state crime. Any criticism of Mr. Putin personally is regarded as a particularly dangerous crime and threatens reprisals.

  • What will be your further actions?

  • I wrote to Mr. Operations Officer that I consider the publication of Nazi symbols to be a criminal offense and the propaganda of Nazism, which falls under article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, I will demand a criminal case against Milchakov for the propaganda of Nazi symbols.

Such cases must be made public. I suspect that the appeal to me was written by NODovtsy. The Eshniks refuse to introduce me to him, but the lawyer and I will insist on his publication in the public domain.

The lawyer, by the way, was very surprised when the detective said that he was transferring these materials for consideration by the prosecutor’s office, since this was originally an administrative offense. And if the prosecutor’s office was connected and a secret signal was received, then they are engaged at a very high level. They will now collect planning meetings, discuss what to do with me.

But in general, it is necessary to properly organize the submission of a full-fledged application for the Nazi actions of the so-called Novorossiya militias.

All who fought in Ukraine are war criminals. Glory to Mr. [Alexander] Boroday (former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People’s Republic – ed.) That he creates the Union of Veterans of Donbass, which compiles lists of these people. We will use them in future criminal trials of war criminals. I will continue to write statements.

Why Gleb Zagory and his friend Alexander Tretyakov stood up for Nasirov

In Ukrainian politics, nepotism and mutual responsibility continue to flourish. Another evidence of this is the events that occurred around the detention of the head of the State Fiscal Service Nasirov. This is an obstacle to his arrest on the part of the MPs from the BPP. Among those who especially zealously defended the head of the state financial services is the odious people’s deputy Gleb Zagoriy. Why would he cover Nasirov, accused of laundering 2 billion hryvnias, we will consider in more detail.

Gleb Zagory was one of the first to appear near the Feofania hospital, where Nasirov was brought to establish a sudden illness that mowed the head of the HFS. As early as 11 am, the people’s deputy from “Self-help” Andrei Zhurzhiy announced on his Facebook page that he had arrived at the Strazhesk Institute of Cardiology. Nasirov’s support groups

Why Gleb Zagory and his friend Alexander Tretyakov stood up for Nasirov
In Ukrainian politics, nepotism and mutual responsibility continue to flourish. Another evidence of this is the events that occurred around the detention of the head of the State Fiscal Service Nasirov. This is an obstacle to his arrest on the part of the MPs from the BPP. Among those who especially zealously defended the head of the state financial services is the odious people’s deputy Gleb Zagoriy. Why would he cover Nasirov, accused of laundering 2 billion hryvnias, we will consider in more detail.

Why Gleb Zagory and his friend Alexander Tretyakov stood up for Nasirov

Gleb Zagory was one of the first to appear near the Feofania hospital, where Nasirov was brought to establish a sudden illness that mowed the head of the HFS. As early as 11 am, the people’s deputy from “Self-help” Andrei Zhurzhiy announced on his Facebook page that he had arrived at the Strazhesk Institute of Cardiology. Nasirov’s support groups

Zhurzhiy said that in addition to Zagoria, “beat off” Nasirov from NABU to Feofania arrived deputies Alexander Tretyakov, Valery Davidenko and Andrei Atonishchak. Since the head of the SFS was in no hurry to transfer to the hospital premises, Zhurzhiy suggested that the representatives of the BPP could in every way impede the arrest of Nasirov. And therefore, he called on civil activists and journalists to come to the scene as soon as possible.

Due to the enormous public outcry and live television broadcasts from the scene, Zagorii and the company did not interfere with moving Nasirov to Feofania. In addition to relatives and lawyers, we recall that some deputies who supported the arrest of the head of the SFS also managed to enter. In turn, Zagory, Tretyakov, Davidenko and Atonishchak remained to watch what was happening on the street, taken in a tight circle of activists and journalists.

These people’s deputies from BPP in every possible way denied their involvement in the attempt to “recapture” Nasirov from NABU. Although the video shot by the activists is noticeable – their arrival at the Institute of Cardiology was not accidental. The People’s Deputy Alexander Tretyakov, a long-time friend and financial partner of President Petro Poroshenko, answered extremely rude questions to journalists and civic activists for a long time without leaving the salon of his personal black Mersedes. Calm colleague none other than Gleb Zagoriy. The odious People’s Deputy, who has repeatedly visited the center of scandals, knows firsthand the anger of the media. And this, apparently, prompted him not to get involved in a conversation with the media, staying on the sidelines.

It is worth mentioning that Zagorius was noticeably nervous. This was indicated by the fact how often the people’s deputy smoked under the guns of television cameras. Frankly speaking, a person with a medical education, the general director of the pharmaceutical giant Darnitsa, should have quit smoking addiction and not advertise his passion for nicotine in public. And then there are suggestions that Zagory indulges not only with cigarettes, but also with more aggressive drugs.

It was also striking that the people’s deputies arrived in Feofania in puffs, as the uniform was more like barbecue for a trip out of town. Although, who knows, maybe it was from there that the elected representatives broke loose after hearing about what had happened.

The media failed to find out from the deputies the reason for the arrival in Feofania. The only thing that was achieved in a conversation with Zagoriy and Tretyakov was their promise that they would not interfere with Nasirov’s movement from hospital to court. After long telephone conversations, Zagoria with unknown persons over the phone, as well as his communication with nine lawyers of the head of the GFS “BPP support group” was forced to retreat.

Although the “Mask Show” did not end there. Soon, people’s deputies were near the courthouse, and the room itself, as we recall, after that someone suddenly “mined”, preventing the court from considering the Nasirov case. Also, due to a false alarm, “minerals” managed to remove journalists from the premises, but at the same time, prosecutors, lawyers and relatives of the head of the State Fiscal Service remained in court. It was at that moment, according to sources, in order to avoid a people’s court, the party of the accused decided to refuse to escape Nasirov from custody, for example, abroad.

It should be noted that Gleb Zagoria had the opportunity to influence the employees of the Feofania hospital, when the medical staff and the guards of the institute prevented the security forces from visiting Nasirov. Such conclusions, although they have no solid evidence, but they have a place to be. Since the MP is one of the most influential people in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. Many remember the high-profile scandals associated with his attempts to introduce the right people to the Cabinet of Ministers and the regulatory bodies of the Ministry of Health, in order to monopolize the drug market in the country.

It is worth mentioning that Gleb Zagory, taking advantage of the privilege of being in the ranks of the BPP, tirelessly criticizes the leadership of the Ministry of Health regardless of who heads it. In the Ministry of Health, meanwhile, they are sure that Zagorii did not abandon attempts to monopolize the market for medical drugs. And in the media almost every day new investigations of scams and frauds carried out by Gleb Zagoriy appear.

These charges, in most cases, are related to tax evasion. That is, we are talking about a possible criminal connection between Nasirov and Zagoria. Otherwise, why did the people’s deputy rush into battle for the salvation of the head of the GFS, mired in laundering billions?

The owner of the pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” Gleb Zagory evades taxation through front-line lone firms. His factory transfers huge tranches of money to unknown companies under the guise of social research. Even schemes with purchases of second-class medical raw materials from the occupying country of Russia are being cranked up. That is, Zagoriy sponsors the killing of Ukrainian troops. The media have repeatedly written about the inconceivable cheat on drugs produced by Darnitsa and Zagoria’s attempts to stop foreign companies producing better and cheaper equipment and drugs from entering the domestic market. Do you doubt that you didn’t know about these facts in the FSF Nasirov? Did not know and were silent?

Gleb Zagoria in Ukraine has long been called the king of the pharmaceutical mafia. He began his dirty journey into business by spinning off the shareholders of the Darnitsa farm. He was later implicated in an attempt on the life of a rival from Farmak Fili Febrivskaya and charged with kidnapping EuroMaidan activists. Zagory actively collaborated with Viktor Yanukovych’s “Family” and the Russian leadership – represented by Valentina Matvienko, close to Putin.

Zagoriy got into the lists of the BPP, having provided financial assistance to Vitali Klitschka in the elections, as well as having paid $ 10 million to the party box office. These facts were confirmed by the former People’s Deputy of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Onishchenko, who is now hiding from the persecution of security officials abroad.

Paradoxically, it was precisely on money laundering according to the Onishchenko scheme that the head of DFS Nasirov was “taken” by the security forces. Although, taken sounds somewhat prematurely. Recall that in the BPP there is no single position regarding the future head of the DFS. Some deputies propose to donate to them in order to save face and future for the party. The other is trying in every possible way to protect Nasirov, and even drawing the President into the solution of the conflict.

Another thing is that Petro Poroshenko has not yet chosen any of the options. Recently, the Head of the country said that he was not informed of the Nasirov case. And this, they say, speaks of an unbiased investigation. However, we all understand that this is cunning – the President cannot lose sight of the case of the arrest for fraud of the main fiscal of Ukraine. Moreover, according to sources in the BPP, Poroshenko has always been kind to Nasirov. In addition, the Prosecutor General’s head has still not been accused by the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. And this fact also shows very clearly – Bankova is just watching.

Meanwhile, Gleb Zagorii uses all possible loopholes to save his friend Nasirov. Everyone remembers his warm relationship with the couple of the Prosecutor General. After all, it was Zagory who at the end of last year served the Yuri Lutsenko family by purchasing seven apartments in the center of Kiev from his accountant. That situation greatly facilitated the life of the Prosecutor General when filling out an electronic income statement. After all, these apartments were attributed evil tongues to Lutsenko.

Friendship with no less odious deputy Alexander Tretyakov, who, recall, has long been in close and warm relations with Petro Poroshenko, also plays a role. Zagorii also has hope for Igor Konenenko, who today is probably the person closest to the President.

The fear that Roman Nasirov will reveal dirty schemes of Zagoria’s business to NABU and SAP does not leave the latter with any other choice how to fight for the freedom of the head of the SFS. It is reasonable to assume that not only Gleb Zagoriy, but also other corrupt officials under power will shout loudest than anyone about Nasirov’s involvement in the laundering of 2 billion hryvnias. Should the President in this situation close his eyes to public outcry and give the go-ahead to let go of the accused official? Clearly, no. On the contrary, Pyotr Alekseevich now has only one way out: to give the case a loud move. Do not forget that the arrest of the head of the SFS was called the “right and necessary step of the Ukrainian authorities” by many reputable European institutions.

We have no doubt that during an objective investigation, many of those who are now “bleaching” Nasirov will fall into places not so distant. And for some reason there is a feeling that among the first who will be there will be the king of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical mafia Gleb Zagoriy.


Yulia Tymoshenko played table tennis and thanked her for her support and help

This post is a thank you to everyone who supported me during the elections, who helped and experienced for me … Thanks to the Ukrainians and thanks to the team. No, not even – Team!

She wrote about it on her Facebook page.

We received more than 2.5 million votes.

This was not enough to win, but it is enough for our work in the name of a free and happy Ukraine.

Because you are not just two and a half million citizens. You are the best!

Lubomir Husar said: “Ukraine is not divided into Ukrainian and Russian. It is divided into those who love her and those who are indifferent. ”

We are on the right side.

Because we do not just love Ukraine, we are able to work for it and compete for it.

There are difficult times in the country now.

We face huge challenges and challenges that the vast majority of politicians are not even aware of.

And only we can overcome them. In the midst of this clutter, chaos and general misery, there must be a force that will give Ukraine a chance.

We are this force and we are this chance.

Therefore, I very much ask you.

No despair, no doubt or hesitation.

We urgently need our native, our best in the world, Ukraine today.

And we need it – strong, good, independent, democratic.

Therefore, we have only one choice: go ahead!

Strong – don’t give up!

In New York, at a polling station, Ukrainians sang a hymn

On the day of the election of the new president of Ukraine, Ukrainians sang the national anthem at a polling station in New York, writes News Channel 24.

Ukrainians came to vote in embroidered shirts and with blue-yellow flags.

There are 4 polling stations in the United States where Ukrainians can vote – in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington and New York.

In total, the CEC formed 101 precinct commissions in the overseas constituency and transmitted a little more than 420 thousand ballots there.

Ukrainians vote in 72 countries, and polling stations are located in the embassies and consulates of Ukraine.


Karl Volokh decided to collect Maidans against Vladimir Zelensky

Pro-presidential blogger Karl Volokh suggested that Ukrainians “get their own Maidan each” against candidate Vladimir Zelensky, who, according to the results of the first round of voting, gained 30.24%, reports Strana.

About this Volokh wrote on his page on Facebook.

“The overwhelming majority of LOMs and other clever passionate people consider Poroshenko an uncontested candidate, and replacing him at the helm of the country, all the more so, with the awkward hologram of Kolomoisky, is extremely dangerous.

But the broad zombie masses of consumers of a television product do not understand these dangers, “said the blogger.

Continuing his idea that a third of the voters cast their vote for Zelensky, being zombied through the media, Volokh claims that without access to the airs “on oligarchic channels”, “smart passionate people, the salt of the earth” should go to their personal Maidan and “try to save the country.”

“I don’t have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

So far, I have just agreed with a group of caring smart guys to create some kind of auxiliary material, where it will be intelligently justified why our choice is the best.

All that is required of you and me is to study it and go to the neighbors (colleagues) who do not yet understand this…

I don’t have the money for remuneration for this work, I hope you don’t get used to volunteering either.

But if we succeed, I promise a great picnic for all participants,” wrote Karl Volokh.

Andrei Kobolev’s sky-high salary on a new counter was classified by Neftegaz

The national joint-stock company Neftegaz Ukrainy refused to provide a copy of the contract concluded between NAK Neftegaz Ukrainy and Andriy Kobolev as chairman of the board of the company, citing the confidentiality of information and the availability of personal data in the contract.

This is stated in the response of Neftegaz to the request of Ukrainian News.

“The information you requested, contained in the contract of March 2019 with the chairman of the board of NAK Neftegaz Ukrainy Andriy Kobolev, is confidential information within the meaning of Articles 6 and 7 of the Law (on access to public information) …” , – the answer says “Neftegaz.”

“Information on the amount of remuneration of the chairman of the board contained in the contract is information about an individual (personal data on him) within the meaning of the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine of 01.20.12 No. 2-rp / 2012, article 302 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and Part 5 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

Such information is confidential and may be disseminated only with the consent of the person, except as otherwise provided by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights “,” the response specified.

Neftegaz acknowledged that a company can be equated with stewards of information “of public interest (publicly necessary information).”

However, it considers the only possible satisfaction of this public interest only at the same time as the publication of the company’s annual financial statements.

“In addition, we emphasize that any public interest that may exist regarding the information contained in the contract, in particular regarding the expenses of the company, is satisfied by publishing in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 09.11.2016 No. 1067 information on the structure, principles of formation and size remuneration of the chairman of the company at the same time as the annual financial statements, as well as within the framework of the disclosure of information by the company using its own resources or external channels communication “, – stated in the reply.

“Based on the foregoing, the company (Naftogaz of Ukraine) has no reason to provide you with the requested copy of the contract,” summed up the response.

We emphasize that Ukranian News has already appealed in court the refusal of Neftegaz to provide access to data on the amount of wages and remuneration provided for Kobolev in a recently concluded new contract with the National Joint-Stock Company.

Volodymyr Zelensky has more views, despite the fact that Petro Poroshenko spends thousands of dollars on advertising video about the debate.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spent several thousand dollars on advertising a video message to Vladimir Zelensky “Be a man. Come to the debate “and” Stadium, so stadium, “InfoResist writes.

This is evidenced by the data of the “Advertising Library”, which was launched by facebook for the transparency of political advertising.

The most expensive promotion was the advertisement of President Zelensky’s first response.

Poroshenko spent about $ 5,000 on it. Up to $ 500 each was spent on advertising for other videos.

In total, both videos of the president collected 4.2 million views on facebook.

On the election page of Poroshenko 2019, the first video was watched 481 thousand times, and the second – 40 thousand.

On youtube, fewer people watched the video. Both videos received up to 300 thousand views.

In the president’s instagram account, these videos scored a little over a million views.

Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky also advertises his publications, but spends significantly less on this.

The showman’s most expensive ad cost his team $ 500.

The first video of the leader of the “95th quarter” on his personal page collected 1.4 million views, and the appeal to Yulia Tymoshenko was only 363 thousand.

On the page “Zelensky’s Team”, his first video collected more than 2.2 million views, and the appeal to Tymoshenko was 658 thousand.

These records beat video views on Zelensky’s Instagram page.

The first video collected almost 9 million views, and the second almost 2.5 million.

On the Zelensky’s Team page on Instagram, both videos collected nearly 700 thousand views.

YouTube showman videos are more popular than the current president.

In total, the videos gained more than 1.7 million views.

Thus, Zelensky’s video received more coverage than Petro Poroshenko.

At the same time, the showman spends insignificant amounts to promote his video messages.