Andrei Kobolev’s sky-high salary on a new counter was classified by Neftegaz

The national joint-stock company Neftegaz Ukrainy refused to provide a copy of the contract concluded between NAK Neftegaz Ukrainy and Andriy Kobolev as chairman of the board of the company, citing the confidentiality of information and the availability of personal data in the contract.

This is stated in the response of Neftegaz to the request of Ukrainian News.

“The information you requested, contained in the contract of March 2019 with the chairman of the board of NAK Neftegaz Ukrainy Andriy Kobolev, is confidential information within the meaning of Articles 6 and 7 of the Law (on access to public information) …” , – the answer says “Neftegaz.”

“Information on the amount of remuneration of the chairman of the board contained in the contract is information about an individual (personal data on him) within the meaning of the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine of 01.20.12 No. 2-rp / 2012, article 302 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and Part 5 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

Such information is confidential and may be disseminated only with the consent of the person, except as otherwise provided by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights “,” the response specified.

Neftegaz acknowledged that a company can be equated with stewards of information “of public interest (publicly necessary information).”

However, it considers the only possible satisfaction of this public interest only at the same time as the publication of the company’s annual financial statements.

“In addition, we emphasize that any public interest that may exist regarding the information contained in the contract, in particular regarding the expenses of the company, is satisfied by publishing in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 09.11.2016 No. 1067 information on the structure, principles of formation and size remuneration of the chairman of the company at the same time as the annual financial statements, as well as within the framework of the disclosure of information by the company using its own resources or external channels communication “, – stated in the reply.

“Based on the foregoing, the company (Naftogaz of Ukraine) has no reason to provide you with the requested copy of the contract,” summed up the response.

We emphasize that Ukranian News has already appealed in court the refusal of Neftegaz to provide access to data on the amount of wages and remuneration provided for Kobolev in a recently concluded new contract with the National Joint-Stock Company.

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