Russian activist Titarenko was summoned for interrogation due to a critical post on the social network about neo-Nazi and war criminal Milchakov

Sergey Titarenko in court

Russian activist Sergei Titarenko was summoned to the Center for Countering Extremism. He was accused of distributing Nazi symbols – on his page on the VKontakte network he posted photos of neo-Nazi Alexei Milchakov with the Nazi flag, accompanied by critical comment.

According to Censor.NET, Titarenko himself believes that a criminal case under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation should be instituted against Milchakov, who fought in the ranks of Russian militants in the Donbass.

We give a short interview with Titarenko of Open Russia.

“What does Center E suspect you of?”

  • My lawyer recommended that I not go to the E Center, but to meet with them somewhere on neutral territory. So we did.

Mr. operative officer Dmitry Olegovich Manyakin had previously called Alexei Mandrigel with a WhatsApp subpoena. He called me about my allegedly illegal activities. To the questions “what kind of appeal?” and “who can acquaint me with him?” he replied that this was classified information.

But he showed me a printout of the scan from my page. He has over 50-70 scans in his folder. We found photos where the swastika is partially depicted. I pointed out that the purpose of this picture is to condemn the swastika.
Russian activist Titarenko was summoned for interrogation due to a critical post on the social network about neo-Nazi and war criminal Milchakov. A PHOTO

Alexey Milchakov (second from right). Photo: Vkontakte

In addition, he still charged me with the fact that I have published on my page a photo of the “hero of Novorossia” Alexei Milchakov with a Nazi flag. He is a fan of Zenith and does not hide his Nazi beliefs. And they accuse me of publicly demonstrating Nazi symbols.

Mr. operative authorized me to this stated that they see an administrative offense here. On my page you can see the protocol of this interrogation. Maybe I was mistaken that my page also has images of Putin?

They also regarded this as a demonstration of Nazi symbolism. I do not consider criticizing state power a criminal offense; this violates article 19 on freedom of opinion of the “Convention on Human Rights”. In addition, they were in my apartment in my absence. Although he denies this, but I know what they were.

  • In your opinion, is it justified to initiate criminal or administrative cases for publishing on social networks?

  • I have already served six months in the FSB pre-trial detention center. The European Court has accepted my case. It is also instituted under article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation due to publication on a social network.

  • Is it worth it to apply measures for expression of opinion on social networks?

  • In our country, any criticism of the existing government is regarded as a state crime. Any criticism of Mr. Putin personally is regarded as a particularly dangerous crime and threatens reprisals.

  • What will be your further actions?

  • I wrote to Mr. Operations Officer that I consider the publication of Nazi symbols to be a criminal offense and the propaganda of Nazism, which falls under article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, I will demand a criminal case against Milchakov for the propaganda of Nazi symbols.

Such cases must be made public. I suspect that the appeal to me was written by NODovtsy. The Eshniks refuse to introduce me to him, but the lawyer and I will insist on his publication in the public domain.

The lawyer, by the way, was very surprised when the detective said that he was transferring these materials for consideration by the prosecutor’s office, since this was originally an administrative offense. And if the prosecutor’s office was connected and a secret signal was received, then they are engaged at a very high level. They will now collect planning meetings, discuss what to do with me.

But in general, it is necessary to properly organize the submission of a full-fledged application for the Nazi actions of the so-called Novorossiya militias.

All who fought in Ukraine are war criminals. Glory to Mr. [Alexander] Boroday (former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People’s Republic – ed.) That he creates the Union of Veterans of Donbass, which compiles lists of these people. We will use them in future criminal trials of war criminals. I will continue to write statements.