Karl Volokh decided to collect Maidans against Vladimir Zelensky

Pro-presidential blogger Karl Volokh suggested that Ukrainians “get their own Maidan each” against candidate Vladimir Zelensky, who, according to the results of the first round of voting, gained 30.24%, reports Strana.

About this Volokh wrote on his page on Facebook.

“The overwhelming majority of LOMs and other clever passionate people consider Poroshenko an uncontested candidate, and replacing him at the helm of the country, all the more so, with the awkward hologram of Kolomoisky, is extremely dangerous.

But the broad zombie masses of consumers of a television product do not understand these dangers, “said the blogger.

Continuing his idea that a third of the voters cast their vote for Zelensky, being zombied through the media, Volokh claims that without access to the airs “on oligarchic channels”, “smart passionate people, the salt of the earth” should go to their personal Maidan and “try to save the country.”

“I don’t have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

So far, I have just agreed with a group of caring smart guys to create some kind of auxiliary material, where it will be intelligently justified why our choice is the best.

All that is required of you and me is to study it and go to the neighbors (colleagues) who do not yet understand this…

I don’t have the money for remuneration for this work, I hope you don’t get used to volunteering either.

But if we succeed, I promise a great picnic for all participants,” wrote Karl Volokh.