Yulia Tymoshenko played table tennis and thanked her for her support and help

This post is a thank you to everyone who supported me during the elections, who helped and experienced for me … Thanks to the Ukrainians and thanks to the team. No, not even – Team!

She wrote about it on her Facebook page.

We received more than 2.5 million votes.

This was not enough to win, but it is enough for our work in the name of a free and happy Ukraine.

Because you are not just two and a half million citizens. You are the best!

Lubomir Husar said: “Ukraine is not divided into Ukrainian and Russian. It is divided into those who love her and those who are indifferent. ”

We are on the right side.

Because we do not just love Ukraine, we are able to work for it and compete for it.

There are difficult times in the country now.

We face huge challenges and challenges that the vast majority of politicians are not even aware of.

And only we can overcome them. In the midst of this clutter, chaos and general misery, there must be a force that will give Ukraine a chance.

We are this force and we are this chance.

Therefore, I very much ask you.

No despair, no doubt or hesitation.

We urgently need our native, our best in the world, Ukraine today.

And we need it – strong, good, independent, democratic.

Therefore, we have only one choice: go ahead!

Strong – don’t give up!